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Simplify your operations,
outsource the hassles.

Virtual Assistants Having Fun

Streamline and transform your business by entrusting tasks to skilled outsourced staff. From administrative duties to specialized roles, outsourcing offers relief from the overwhelm.

No set up fees. Cancel Anytime

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Fully Managed Virtual Staff

Our fully managed virtual staff streamlines operations, ensuring seamless and efficient support for your business needs.

Full-time or Part-time Solution

Experience flexibility redefined with our part-time or full-time virtual staff solutions tailored to suit your specific requirements.


Our office located in the Philippines guarantees a strategic advantage, providing high-quality virtual support services.


Consistency is key; collaborate continuously with the same virtual professional to meet your ongoing project needs.

Pre-trained Virtual Staff

Access expertly prepared, pre-trained virtual staff for immediate integration into your team

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Take a look at what our clients think

Cassie Lincoln, Distinctably
Hired: 1 VA

"Just been really thrilled with the virtual assistant that I’ve been working with and really the whole team. I just get excellent support and everybody is really helpful. My VA is super reliable and she’s really proactive."

Dr. Debi Silber, The PBT Institute
Hired: 2 VAs

"Mars is helping with gathering research and the truth is, I cannot keep up responding to how many leads she's bringing in each day. She's doing an incredible job, she is so responsive."

Yesenia Sanchez, Soleil Coaching
Hired: 1 VA

"I was so impressed by her. It's like the way that she just kind of took in all of the information. She put together just like a really just form of like information that I'm that I'm really able to work with."

Allen Sales, E-com Fashion
Hired: 5 VAs

"You've helped my business scale very fast and quickly in a short amount of time by providing me very adaptable and amazing people to work with. I hope that we will be working much longer"

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Why choose Trans Support?

Virtual assistants having a meeting

Matching and Onboarding Process

  • Tailored Selection: Our recruitment process is customized to identify outsourced employee who match your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your business.

  • Personalized Matching: We go beyond qualifications. We match you with an outsourced staff whose personality, values, and work style align with your business culture.

  • Swift Onboarding: We streamline the onboarding process, so your chosen candidate can start contributing to your business quickly, minimizing downtime.

VA Trainer conducting a training session

Service Delivery

  • Efficiency and Productivity: Our staff excels in managing tasks efficiently, increasing your overall productivity and allowing you to focus on strategic aspects of your business.

  • Business Continuity: We have established backup locations where your virtual staff can work if any unforeseen circumstances disrupt their primary work environment. This ensures uninterrupted support for your business, avoiding downtime.

  • Scalability: As your business grows, our services scale with you. Whether you need one staff or a team, we adapt to meet your evolving needs.

Trans Support Leadership Team

Leadership Support Team

  • Experienced Leadership: Our leadership team is composed of seasoned industry professionals who bring decades of experience to the table. 

  • Client-Centric Approach: We are deeply committed to your success. We will work closely with you to understand your unique goals and challenges, crafting tailor-made strategies for your business.

  • Mentoring and Development: Our leaders will continue to mentor your virtual staff, fostering a culture of continuous improvement to expand their skills so they can better serve you. 

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Meet our Virtual Assistants

Jenny Moore Virtual Assistant

Jenny Moore

Product Sourcing VA

Rozzel Virtual Assistant

Rozzel Teniso

Executive Assistant

Judy Virtual Assistant

Judy Fernandez

Social Media VA

Liezl Virtual Assistant

Liezl Dayao

General Virtual Assistant

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Your journey with us

Trans Support Presentation Phase

Presentation Phase (Initial Consultation)

  • Consultation Call: During this initial call, we explore Trans Support services, detailing how we can assist you and understanding your business's specific needs.

  • Discovery: We delve into your requirements, pain points, and goals to create a comprehensive understanding of what support you require.

  • Service Explanation: We present a detailed overview of our services, emphasizing how our offerings align with your business objectives.

Trans Support Matching Process

Client Sign-Up and Matching Process

  • Official Sign-Up: Upon completion of the initial consultation, if you decide to proceed with our services, the next step involves an official sign-up process to formalize our collaboration.

  • Tailored Selection: After sign-up, our team initiates a thorough matching process to identify and present candidates who closely align with your business needs.

  • Commitment Confirmation: Once the ideal virtual staff is identified and confirmed, we will proceed to service agreement signing, solidifying the partnership and setting the stage for the virtual staff's commencement.

Trans Support Virtual Staff Start Work

Virtual Staff Commencement

  • Onboarding Process: Once the ideal match is confirmed, we facilitate the onboarding process for your virtual staff, ensuring a seamless transition and familiarity with your business operations.

  • Start Date Initiation: Your selected virtual staff officially begins working with you on the agreed-upon start date.

  • Ongoing Support: We provide continuous support and check-ins to ensure a successful working relationship, addressing any issues or adjustments that may arise.

Are you ready to transform your business?

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When to hire a virtual staff?


Hiring an outsourced staff is often more cost-effective than a full-time employee, as you only pay for the hours worked.

Business Growth

An outsourced staff can manage routine tasks, freeing up your time for strategic planning and growth.

Specialized Skills

An outsourced staff brings diverse skill sets, from administrative tasks to digital marketing, providing expertise in areas where you may lack proficiency.

Work-Life Balance

Hiring an outsourced staff helps you achieve better work-life balance by reducing stress and enabling you to reclaim personal time.

Workload Overload

When your workload becomes overwhelming, an outsourced staff can step in to handle tasks.

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  • How does the recruitment process work in Trans Support?
    Our recruitment process involves sourcing, screening, interviewing, and selecting candidates based on your specific job requirements.
  • How long does the recruitment process typically take?
    The duration can vary depending on the complexity of the role and the availability of suitable candidates, but we aim to provide efficient and timely services.
  • What is your policy on candidate replacements if they don't meet my expectations?
    We have provisions for FREE replacements if a placed candidate does not meet your expectations. We aim for your complete satisfaction.
  • Will Trans Support provide tools needed for my business?
    Trans Support can offer recommendations and guidance on tools and software that may enhance your experience in managing virtual staffing services. However, it's important to note that all client-related tools, including project management software, communication platforms, and any other specific tools, should be provided and managed by our partner clients. We can collaborate with you to ensure that our virtual staffing seamlessly integrates with your preferred tools and systems for effective communication and project management.
  • What are your billing terms and payment methods?
    Our billing terms and accepted payment methods are outlined in our billing agreements. We typically accept bank transfers and other secure methods.
  • Are there any hidden fees or charges in your billing structure?
    The costs associated with using Trans Support's virtual staffing services are designed to be transparent and straightforward. We do not have setup fees or hidden charges. Once we receive an advance payment, all recruitment and training fees will be covered, ensuring clarity and simplicity in our pricing structure. Our aim is to provide you with cost-effective and reliable staffing solutions without any unexpected expenses.
  • Do you bill hourly or monthly basis?
    We bill monthly in advance for our services. This means that you will receive an invoice at the beginning of each month for the upcoming month's services. Advance billing allows smooth and uninterrupted service delivery, ensuring that your virtual staffing needs are met without any disruptions. It also provides you with clarity regarding the upcoming month's costs from the outset, making financial planning more straightforward.
  • Should I pay prepaid or postpaid for Trans Support's virtual staffing services?
    We operate on a prepaid payment model. We charge one month in advance before the service period begins, as stipulated in the Statement of Work (SOW). This approach ensures that our clients have clear financial expectations and allows us to provide uninterrupted and efficient staffing services.
  • How do you ensure smooth operations and service delivery?
    We have a well-defined operations framework that includes quality control, ongoing training, and regular communication with both clients and virtual staff to ensure smooth service delivery.
  • What is your policy on data security and confidentiality?
    We take data security and confidentiality seriously and have strict protocols in place to safeguard sensitive information.
  • How can I communicate with my virtual staff or Trans Support leadership team?
    We provide various communication channels, including email, chat, video conferencing, and project management tools, to facilitate seamless communication with your team.
  • What measures do you have in place to handle emergencies or unexpected disruptions?
    If a virtual staff experiences power interruption or internet connection issues, we have established contingency plans to address such situations effectively. Trans Support has identified alternative locations and sites where our employees can work when faced with these issues. Our goal is to minimize disruptions to your workflow and ensure continuous productivity. We prioritize the reliability of our services and have measures in place to address technical challenges promptly, allowing your virtual staff to resume work as quickly as possible. Your satisfaction and the uninterrupted flow of your tasks are of utmost importance to us.
  • Will I be directly working with my virtual staff, or is there an intermediary?
    Yes, you will directly collaborate with your virtual staff. Our aim is to foster a direct and productive working relationship between you and your virtual staff. However, we also have a dedicated support team in place to address any questions, concerns, or additional assistance you may require. Our support team is here to ensure a seamless experience and can expound on any matters as needed, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your collaboration with your virtual assistant.
  • What are the working hours of my virtual staff provided by Trans Support?
    Your virtual staff's working hours can be mirrored to align with your preferred schedule. We offer both full-time and part-time options. For a full-time virtual staff, you can expect 40 hours of work per week, and for a part-time virtual staff, you can expect 20 hours of work per week. This flexibility allows you to choose the arrangement that best suits your business needs and workflow. Your virtual staff's working hours will be determined in consultation with you to ensure seamless collaboration.
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