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I hired a virtual assistant, what's next?

You have made the decision to outsource your company’s tasks to a Virtual Assistant (VA). 

Give yourself a pat on the back! 

This is a significant step in decreasing your burden and gaining more time. 

However, what’s next after a VA is hired? Here's a quick step to help you successfully integrate the virtual assistant to your business:

I hired a virtual assistant, what's next?

1. Onboarding Your Virtual Assistant

During the onboarding process, there are several important items that you should discuss with the virtual assistant to ensure a smooth transition and effective collaboration. These include:

Business/Company Overview

Provide the virtual assistant an overview of your company's objectives, values, and mission. 

This will make it easier for them to understand the setting in which they'll be working and how their work impacts the company's overall performance.

Business Processes and Procedures

Explain to the virtual assistant your business's typical operating procedures, how tasks are normally performed, and any particular protocols they must follow.

Tasks and Conduct Accountability Discussion

Clearly state what duties and obligations the virtual assistant will have to handle. Provide them straightforward instructions about what is expected of them, including any relevant data, deadlines, and success measures (KPI). 

Access to Tools and Software

Give the virtual assistant whatever tools, programs, or systems they'll require in order to execute their responsibilities/task well. Tools for project management, messaging services, file-sharing programs, and any other pertinent resources can fall under this category.

Communication Channels

Decide on a clear communication plan with the virtual assistant, outlining your preferred ways of contact, how and when you'll interact, and any scheduled check-ins or updates.

This could be through email or instantly messaging tools like Whatsapp or Viber.

Expectations for Working Hours

Discuss the schedule you want your VA to work, perhaps, their schedule wherein they are online or accessible to answer emails or messages.

Additional Training/Touch base

To ensure that the virtual assistant can integrate to your business fast and efficiently, provide training and assistance or a weekly touch base to discuss areas of improvement. 

2. Delegating Tasks

Now that you are done with the onboarding phase, it's time to start assigning work now that you have a VA. 

When assigning assignments to your virtual assistant, it's important to recognize and verify which tasks are considered small/mini or big. It also helps to manage expectations and assign duties in an efficient manner.

Identifying small from big tasks may be done as follows:

Small Tasks

  • Tasks related to routine administration: These comprise data input, file organization, appointment scheduling, and email administration.

  • Data Preparation: This includes gathering materials for a project, preparing data, and conducting web research.

  • Social Media Management: The general responsibilities involved in social media management include posting updates, replying to comments, and scheduling material.

  • Basic Graphic Design: Creating simple graphics for social media posts, presentations, or blog posts is another example of a small task.

  • Basic Customer Support: Handling basic customer inquiries, providing information about products or services, and responding to frequently asked questions fall under small tasks.

Big Tasks/Project

  • Project Management: Complex projects or initiatives within an organization require more time and effort to develop, implement and monitor.

  • Content Creation: In addition to creating multimedia content such as podcasts or videos, writing blog posts, articles or advertisements is considered. key tasks.

  • Strategic Planning: Key tasks include setting goals, researching market trends and developing long-term business strategies.

  • Advanced Technical Support: Solving and providing technical support for complex programs or systems requires special skills and knowledge.

  • Financial Management: Budgeting, financial forecasting and processing financial data analysis are the most important tasks that require accounting and financial knowledge.

3. Providing Feedback

In order for your VA to advance and develop in their position, feedback is crucial. 

Make sure the process of giving your virtual assistant feedback is positive and encouraging. Here's how to elaborate on offering feedback in an effective manner:

Frequent Feedback Meetings/Touch Bases

Arrange for your virtual assistant and yourself to have regular feedback meetings where you may talk about their work, advancement, and potential areas for growth. 

This may be a once a week or once a month meeting when you both talk candidly about what's going well and what needs improvement.

Acknowledge Success

Start the feedback session by praising the achievements and triumphs of your virtual assistant. Acknowledge their efforts, successes, and any constructive contributions they have made to the company. This raises motivation and morale.

Promote Open Communication

Establish a secure and encouraging atmosphere where your virtual assistant may freely express their ideas, worries, and opinions. Promote open communication and show interest in their input. This strengthens your working connection by fostering trust and cooperation.

Provide Support/Assistance

Above all, while providing feedback, provide support. Refrain from speaking harshly or negatively; this might demotivate your virtual assistant. Instead, give them support, acknowledge their hard work, and express your gratitude for their commitment to the task at hand.

4. Make Necessary Adjustments

Working with a virtual assistant requires you to make necessary adjustments in order to maintain a successful and productive cooperation.

A change/adjustment might consist of the following: 

Task Assignment Flexibility

Acknowledge that priorities and tasks might change over time, and be prepared to modify assignments as necessary. The duties assigned to your virtual assistant may change as your company expands or as new tasks come up. 

To make sure that your VA's abilities are being used to their full potential and that your company needs are being satisfied, be adaptable and willing to reassign work as needed.

Refining Processes

As you collaborate with your virtual assistant, you can find that there are more effective or efficient methods to handle jobs and projects. 

Keep an open mind when it comes to streamlining procedures and introducing new workflows.

Optimizing Communication Methods

Maintaining a productive working relationship with your virtual assistant depends on effective communication. You should be prepared to modify your strategy if issues or inefficiencies arise with your communication approaches. 

This might entail creating clearer communication expectations, utilizing other methods or platforms, or changing the frequency or format of communication. Try out different strategies to see which one suits you and your VA the most.

Ability to Change

Keep your responses and actions in line with changes in your industry or company environment. 

To keep up with changing circumstances, you might need to modify your expectations, objectives, or goals. 

Also, in response to changes in work assignments or company goals, your virtual assistant must show flexibility and adaptation.

In conclusion, hiring a virtual assistant is the beginning of a partnership that can improve the efficiency, productivity and growth of your business. 

As you begin this journey, it's important to remember that successful collaboration with a VA requires constant effort, communication, and flexibility.

Following the steps outlined in this blog—from starting a VA and delegating tasks to providing feedback and adjustments - you can create a strong foundation for a productive working relationship.

However, it is also important to be vigilant and watch out for any red flags that may appear along the way.

But remain proactive, communicative and aware of the benefits and challenges of virtual assistant, you can unleash the full potential of this valuable resource and take your business to new heights.


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